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Aufguss Sauna

Aufguss is a wellness ritual that is performed in a sauna. The word aufguss is German and means to pour. An Aufgussmeister pours water, ice or snow, mixed with essential oils over the hot stones in the sauna oven and uses music and specific rhythmic movements of a towel to direct the steam enriched with the aroma from the oil towards the participants.

This ritual, in its varied versions, will give you a pleasant multisensory experience that can be anything from soothing and deeply relaxing to invigorating and energizing, depending on how the aufguss session is set up.

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Essential oils have various health-giving effects that can have a very positive effect both physically and mentally. We know that the experience of smell goes straight into the limbic system and gives an immediate response, at the same time essential oils have different areas of action and properties that can relieve various ailments and act both preventively and health-promoting.

To include the Aufguss sauna in your order, you must send us a request by email.

City sauna Aufguss bergen
  1.   - Aufguss last 30 min

  2.   - For max 8 people                 

  3.  - Privat Cruise 2 hours or Privat from Harbour.



        - Cruise 800NOK

        - Private harbor 500NOK

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