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Sauna rules


1. Do not wear shoes inside the sauna. Take off your shoes and store them in the box by the front door.


2. Have your own towel and use this to sit on.


3. Bring water. We recommend 1-2 liters per person.


Use only fresh water over the sauna heater.



Swimming in the sea is at your own risk, and there should be at least two people present.


6. Recommended sauna temperature is around +60 to +90 gr.C max.


7. When the SAUNA session is over, clean up after yourself.


8. Do not turn off the sauna heater, let it burn out by itself.


9. When leaving the sauna boat, make sure the door is locked.


10. Alcohol, City Sauna allows brought 2 units per person.

Red wine and cola are not allowed to mark this in wood.


11. If you feel unwell or dizzy leave the sauna (note) be careful, it can be slippery on the pier.


Visible intoxicated persons will be directed.


Thank you for visiting, you are most welcome back for more warm experiences. See you again!


     Best regards,
      city sauna

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