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Welcome onboard City sauna

In 2021, a visionary sailor family brought City Sauna to life with a bold mission: to redefine the sauna experience in Bergen. City Sauna proudly stands as the first sauna boat in Bergen.


At the heart of our concept lies the world's finest fusion of cruising and sauna, delivering views of our beloved city and the comforting warmth of the sauna. We extend a heartfelt invitation to embark on a journey unlike any other, where pure adventure awaits.


Our goal is to create an experience that knows no borders, captivating explorers from all corners of the world. Join us as we push the limits and ignite the spirit of exploration. Welcome to City Sauna, where every moment promises unique memories.

On board we have space up to 12 people and lounge with changing rooms, wardrobe storage, Exterior shower.



Meet Tormod G. Fagerbakke, Chairman of the Board, bringing with him 11 years of invaluable experience as a sailor. Currently, he dedicates his time to serving shifts aboard a "standby" ship while indulging his passion for drone piloting and skipper during his leisure hours.

Meet Tore Fagerbakke, CEO and a seasoned sea captain whose recent retirement marks the culmination of a storied career navigating the world's oceans. With a robust maritime background, Tore's wealth of experience not only spans the vast seas but also encompasses a treasure trove of captivating stories and rich maritime history that could entertain an entire village! and also Tormods father. 


Meet Stefano, our esteemed Event Manager, with over two decades of expertise as a massage therapist and sauna master. He leads Aufguss sessions at Citysauna with meticulous care, offered during drop-in sessions and private reservations. Stefano spearheads exclusive events seamlessly blending the sauna with healing and meditative techniques.

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